Roasted To Perfection is a very successful feed choice
for a wide variety of horses, in all stages of life.

I started feeding Roasted to Perfection to two of my horses December of 2014. After about 3 weeks of feeding it I decided to move all of my horses to the feed. My herd of horses consists of a 30 year old pony and 4 WSCA/Barrel horses from ages 8-17. All of my horses are thriving on the feed. Our pony looks better than ever before, and that’s on half of the amount of feed he had to have before. My main performance horse has never done better. Our first year on the feed and he won All Around Champion at the Cinch Chix 4th of July Barrel Race, All Around Champion at the MN Pro Elite Challenge, and he won me the title of Iron Cowgirl. At 14 years old he’s feeling better than ever, looks fantastic, and he requires less food than ever before. I can’t say enough good things about this feed, I am a lifetime feeder of Roasted to Perfection.

Attached are the pictures of the boys!  60 days, dropped the terribly dull coats,
put on weight, and look INCREDIBLE.  I love it!
Bridget Heilsberg, DVM

I truly feel Nifty would not have recovered so quickly had it not been for Roasted To Perfection.  This grain is easy to digest which makes the nutritional benefits outstanding.

My dad is retired and was able to feed Nifty four times a day.  He started with 2 cups
each feeding.  After a week we increased  to three cups four times a day, he stayed at this amount for 3 weeks. Nifty could not get enough, he would lick and lick his feed bucket. On week four, we started giving him 3/4 of a coffee can at a time.  After 4 months, Nifty eats a full coffee can twice a day. 

He looks incredible and is maintaining a healthy weight.

Thank you, Carol Ann

Saddle winner MBRA Open 2011

Levi winning the series at Houck Horse Company.  I can honestly say the only grain my horses eat is Roasted to Perfection and the only other supplements he gets is SuperCharge by United Vet Equine which is an electrolyte because he doesn't always drink well when traveling!

I purchased “Fritz” in 2004 as a weanling, about two months later he started with bouts of  diarrhea.  Over the next year and a half,  I spent many hours consulting with several Veterinarians because he had the chronic diarrhea.  His belly was always bloated and he passed tremendous amounts of gas.  He would lie in his stall and groan.  When he passed gas lying down, liquid would dribble out of him.  I spent thousands of dollars on vet calls, yogurt, pro-biotic, dry pro-biotic, different herbs for digestion, aloe-vera gel, monthly wormer, Safe Guard power dose, Absorbine Pro CMC, Dionne Kaolin, seven or eight different kinds of feed. A representative from  XXX  came to my farm several times with different feeds to try. I wormed him regularly with a schedule provided by a veterinarian.  Fritz’s manure a never got better than firm cow pie with some loose form of horse apples.  I washed his butt so regularly, that he would turn it to me when I went in his stall.  I used human baby butt lotions to keep his hide from blistering. 

On Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, 2005, he started with the diarrhea.  By Friday morning his tail was completely frozen with manure.  He could not lift his tail to go anymore, manure just squirted out, ran down his legs, and on his sheath.  Our neighbors have a heated indoor arena, I went there to clean him up.  I spent over 4 hours soaking and scrubbing him, I went back on Saturday and spent another 4 hours.  I wrapped his tail in a towel and vet wrap and spent the next 2 weeks going to the barn 5 – 6 times a day washing him and changing the towel, before he was back to “his normal” cow pie. 

I was cleaning his stall and found what I thought was a snake skin, before the rational side of me kicked in: snakes hibernate this time of year.  I called two vets and was informed he shed his stomach lining.  They said he would probably die.   For weeks I held my breath when I went into his stall to see if he was still alive or had passed.

In December, 2005, I heard about roasted feed, something I had not tried with Fritz.  I talked with an employee numerous times about the ingredients, the way it is processed and Fritz.  She was confident I would see a difference in Fritz’s manure.  I ordered a pallet and had it shipped to Minnesota.

The results were overwhelming, life changing for Fritz.  Within 4 days his manure started looking like a horses.  By the end of two weeks his bloated belly was gone, he looked like a tucked up race horse.  He had a normal pile of manure.  He started to play with anther two year old, bucking, running, holding his tail over his back and hopping around, something he had never done before. 

My farrier was out 5 weeks after I put Fritz on this feed and was shocked. He said “Fritz does not even look like the same horse!”

After 10 days of eating roasted feed, my husband asked what else I did to Fritz?  I told him “just that feed.”  My husband told me to call and check on becoming a dealer.  After selling the product for 3 years, I was devastated when the manufacture was sold, the feed changed then later discontinued.  My family, friends and customers encouraged me to make my own feed.
I thank God for providing me with everything I needed to develop
Roasted To Perfection.  

Today Fritz is 7,  he has not had diarrhea in five and a half years.  We are very careful about mold or dusty hay, and he still likes his butt rubbed, LOL

Attached is a photo about a month
ago of my 31 year old retired barrel
and ole horse, Cheyenne. She is a bit trim over her ribs but looks great!!

She is sassy and bucks when
turned out to pasture.

She eats about 1.5 lbs of
Roasted feed daily!


Cindy, I want to thank you and RTP for helping my rescue mare Finesse come back to life! When she got here (Lost Path Stables Horse Rescue)she was severly underweight and lethargic. She was slightly wormy but mostly starved. I know that from past horses being worse than her how much grain, time, money and stress it can be to bring them back. Most horses take up to 8 months or more to become fit again. With our Horse Rescue Funds running low it was a tough call. But I decided since RTP was the best choice and easy to digest that it would help her the most. I wanted Finesse to have every chance possible. We honestly had no idea what to start her on for amounts so we started out with 2 lbs. and eventually got up to 8 lbs a day for about two weeks. I was feeding her 3-4 times a day, depending on my schedual. Now, just 4 months later Finesse is BACK! She is healthy, and happy. There were times I wasnt sure if it was gonna work fast enough for winter, but I will tell you what, that last month her haunches filled out her topline came back and shes eating just 3 lbs a day. I think she will always need some grain, but not like she did before. Also her coat shines (without extra stuff!) and she looks forward to me every day. Lost Path Stables has all its rescue horses on RTP and will never feed anything else. I (Shana) also have my performance horses on RTP and will feed it year round as they are doing so much better on this. It will be great for the Big events as there is much less chance for belly aches!
The 3/4 pictures are taken in the end of august. (Nice and green!) Thats actually a month on RTP. I didnt ever take pictures of her when she first came in becuase I was too busy caring for her. And never gave it a thought. But here she is and starting her career as a dressage horse. She just went under saddle last week!
Thank you Cindy for this amazing Grain!

Shana Wright

Just wanted to let you know that Me and my boys LOVE your feed, I have been
wanting to tell you that it is wonderful. Just look what it has done for them. The grey I am on is only 2 years old the roan is 3 and the bay is 5. I bought the Bay this spring. He had no feed from his previous home and was rather thin. I put him on Roasted to perfection and he dove right in. He is looking much better in just a short time.
I let everyone I know, know what I feed. They all think my horses look so good.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the feed. Please keep it what it is!!

Please don’t change your feed.

Thanks for making us happy!
Have a wonderful blessed day!

Breezie Acres

Indy at Gallup, NM, National Junior
High School Rodeo Finals, 2010
Lady at Gallup, NM, National Jr High School Rodeo Finals, 2010

Jenie at Cowgirl Tuff barrel race, 2010

Hi, I’m Sammy McGuire. I ride several incredible horses that have great personalities and give there whole heart into what they do. I feed them Roasted to Perfection. We have tried many different feeds; feeds that claim they make your horse work “outstanding”. But how can they make your horse work outstanding if your horses never eat it? We have never had a problem with this after we started feeding Roasted to Perfection.

Another amazing quality of Roasted to Perfection is not only the taste, but also how healthy my horses look. I have an obsession; you could call it, with how shiny my horse is. When I run in the nighttime performance I want my horses to glisten. I want everyone to be able to see their healthy coats, and strong muscles that move underneath. This spring my older horse, Lady, wasn’t loosing her winter coat; we had my new barrel horse, Jenie, on Roasted to Perfection. Her coat health had improved a lot since she had been on Roasted to Perfection; so we started Lady on it. In two weeks, she had lost her winter coat and was polished!

Now, Lady is my MNJHSRA State Champion Goat Tying and Pole Bending horse. She eats a coffee can full of Roasted to Perfection day and night. She looks amazing, her personality has never been so delightful, and she is defiantly working “outstanding”. We had bought Jenie this winter. She was pushy and hyper; I could never get her to stand in one place, anywhere. She had been out on pasture for two years and she wasn’t in the best of shape, and her coat was defiantly not the greatest. We had just started running her away from home, and she was running scared. We believed she had ulcers. My mom brought home a sample bag of Roasted to Perfection, and we had started Jenie on it. She was looking excellent and running better in a matter of weeks. Indy is my MNJHSRA Champion Breakaway horse, and she is young and very lazy. She loves Roasted to Perfection. Indy needed a grain that would give her energy but not fatten her already plump self. And Roasted to Perfection did just that; she is in shape and she actually has ambition to work.

Roasted to Perfection works! And I get to hear my happy horses neigh at me every morning when I have the grain bucket. We have all our horses on Roasted to Perfection now. –Sammy McGuire, 2009 MNJHSRA Rookie of the Year, 2009 MNJHSRA Barrel Racing Champion, 2010 MNJHSRA Reserve All Around Champion, 2010 MNJHSRA Pole Bending Champion, 2010 MNJHSRA Goat Tying Champion, and (5) Event Qualifier 2010 National Junior High School Finals Rodeo.

~Sammy McGuire

Callie is six years old and has been riding Mac since she was 4. At first she went to play days and participated in lead line events. About mid way thru the summer, when she was 5, she wanted to compete by herself. Mac walked and trotted the pattern and took excellent care of Callie. I was very sad because his health was declining – fast!! He has very few teeth left and chewing was becoming an issue. My sister suggested Roasted To Perfection because she feeds it. We started feeding it to Mac in February, 2010, and within a couple of weeks he was gaining weight and the sparkle in his eyes started coming back.

We have been able to keep Mac at a healthy weight for Callie to gain confidence in riding. She has been loping Mac at home practicing going faster, while competing on the weekends.

This year she joined the Oklahoma Junior Rodeo Association and started competing in 4 events, barrels, poles, stake race and goat tying. We ALWAYS bring Roasted To Perfection with for Mac to have lunch and dinner at the Rodeo. I feel this feed has extended the quality of Mac’s life and allowed us to keep Callie on a safe horse. Another impressive quality of the feed is it does NOT make Mac hot or crazy. He eats 4 coffee cans a day and an extra can for lunch on Rodeo days. Our Vet estimates Mac’s age at 30 plus years old.

Thank you for such an incredible product!!!
Linda and Callie Sondrol


We just want to give you an update on the horses.  Mac has been pensioned, he deserves it ! He won 3 jackets, 3 buckles, a saddle and numerous other awards in one Rodeo season.  Thank you for being a part of an incredible year !! 

This is Captin, Callie's new "younger" horse.  He is in his 20's and LOVES Roasted To Perfection.


The mare (Hempeness) was 18 and bred back. 
Colt (by Feature Mr Jess) was born 4/10/07 pictures taken 8/16/07. 

Mr Hempens Feature

Mr Hempens Feature

Mr Hempens Feature at 10 months

Mr Hempens Feature at 15 months

Hempeness with her Feature Mr Jess colt, born 4/13/08.

Jess Mr Hempen 2008 colt after foaling

Jess Mr Hempen at 4 1/2 months
Jess Mr Hempen at 10 months
Jess Mr Hempen at 1 Year

Hempeness 4 1/2 months after 2008 delivery

Not a Cheap Date at 6 months

Day 1

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

Smoke N Perks ~ 2005 Gelding
Race Results
2 - 1st Place Finish
1 - 2nd Place Finish
2 - 3rd Place Finishes
3 - 4th Place Finishes
Earnings = $18,730
61 AQHA Points

Day 1

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