1) Cost of grain

Cost for 1 bag of grain $____________ divided by number of pounds

Per bag _________

equals the cost per pound $____________

Cost per pound $______________ times number of pounds fed per

Serving ________**see below** Equals grain cost per serving $_________

2) Cost for Supplements

Vitamins, Mineral, Pro Biotic, Biotin, Beet pulp, added oil, weight building
Do this for each supplement you give.
Do not include joint support or electrolytes.

Cost of supplement $_________________

Divided by number of servings _________________

Equals cost per serving $_____________________

Total cost per serving/feeding

1) Grain cost per serving $___________

plus ALL Supplement(s)

2) Cost per serving $___________________

Equals total cost per serving $___________________

You can times this by the number of servings per day, per week, per month.

**To weigh your grain**
Fill your scoop, then pour the grain into a zip lock bag,
hang the bag on a digital fish scale or food scale.